Sunday Morning On The Wake Up Call

This was a wonderful call and beautiful fellowship! The focus of the call is Order and Decency for this weeks theme. The Light Force….”The Need We All Have” is to be Grateful For Life, and Faith in Believing the high powers will give us the same power to live healthy loving peaceful lives. The recipe for unlocking these powers and gaining insight to a better living starts with our understanding and fearing and learning who and what YAHWEH (“GOD”) ELOHIM (“WORD”) YAHSHUA(“Son of GOD”) stands and represents in BELIEVING WITH FULL FAITH. (“JOHN 3:16”) We all come together freely with open hearts to grow and learn about LOVE, LIGHT, and LIBERTY!

With the future planners and leaders, we also discussed the Economic Love Culture for Incubation Communities…A wholistic enrichment system that allows young minds to grow and believe in their own creativity and chose the path of their own choice with having resources and an opportunity to have a hands on participation in building their home community. With this strategy, it brings community ownership, which fosters pride and protection; along with respect for the community space and the upkeep of it. Using these platforms, we aim to continue to grow in building these spaces and using something like we can schedule times to have specific meetings for specific topics to align our order with GODS WILL in this Kingdom Building Journey!

Find a nice relaxing place to listen in and one day join us on a call 📞!!!
(; A great way to start your day with something encouraging ; ) Positive Purpose Movement #PPM
Support the work of Phil Brown in connection to the GBI and Youth Empowerment!

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