Digital Storytelling- Mental healing and community wellness

We are all surrounded by forces and energy that can add or take away the love we feel from the universe. That universal “Agape” love is something we are responsible for valuing and protecting with all our might. We often times find ourselves in situations where we can’t seem to control that energy level we feel due to the circumstances and forces around us that are distracting us from the focus of the Love we need to spend time with. Meditation, refocus, rejuvenate, replenish… these are all things we need to practice in our daily walk to stay charged up and encouraged to walk with Light, Life, and Love! Where do we go when we can’t seem to find that place and we have no one to talk to about it?? Have no worries… the solution is near, and we want you to join us and be apart of the solution. Together we are better and we are building that platform to engage the youth from ages 8-80 in fun interactive healing spaces to master the art of living with HOPE… Having Only Positive Energy!

Dr. J. Cohen is one of our partners with Digital Storytelling Project who helps spread awareness as well as support to the many people throughout the nation that are facing difficulties in life wether it be mental, physical, spiritual, financial; or a combination of them all… we want you to know there is power in numbers and sharing your story to reach the laws of the universe which gives us access to an abundance of resources. We are here to bring these resources to the schools and communities around the nation. #KingdomBuilding is what we call it!

Here is a video from Madison Elementary last year that was broadcasted on the news to honor the work of our youth dealing with technology and sharing helpful information that encourages inspires and motivates all the students and staff to live with HOPE… Having Only Positive Energy

I am honored to be the school social worker here at Madison Elementary and also an Ambassador of Peace and Love… helping steer these young brilliant minds into the future leaders we will all be proud of!

Let’s keep encouraging one another to live a positive lifestyle that brings laughter, joy, unity, and fulfillment to each and every person we encounter. Our goal is to continue to provide inspiration and motivation weekly on our post and welcome all participants to join us on this Faith Walk… we are all victorious champions on this NFL team… National Faith League!

Here is an example of the technology the youth will have access to build and create with… Super cool!

Empire For The Youth (EFTY)

Always remember… God is Love and LOVE CONQUERS ALL!

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High-school valedictorian, Football All-American, Stanford University Graduate, University Of Michigan Masters Graduate, and CEO of Empire For The Youth (EFTY)

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