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Wealth Creation Model help us build a model in your community and unite with Global Leaders to get funding that supports this GLUE NETWORK… Global Leaders Uniting Everywhere

Let’s get connected and stay in touch to learn how we can unite with youthful leaders and equip the resources needed for all communities to create fresh Vegetables, fresh Fish, fresh Water, and Create Jobs!

The time to connect is now… Kingdom Building Global Leadership!

Call to action for leaders – educators and youth volunteers

Build your dream! Tell your story!!!

We have a robust team that has done research and proven the concept of video healing therapy…USC – Institute for Genetic Medicine IGM – Art Gallery who have teamed up with a great Mental Health Therapy Outsourcing Team which can facilitate and recruit leaders to scale the healing impact we have on communities we can service. We can connect and unite in person each year at our Stair Climb Annual Wellness event in partnership with YMCA for team building and engaging motivation for all of us!

2021 Stair- Climb- Wellness- Annual People’s Appreciation Day!
From Community to Corporate… we are here to serve and build… provide Love Light and Life!

Business Development & Access to Capital

Schedule a live zoom with me here

Wondering how we manage all these people and keep up with their projects… here is a great tool… Basecamp Project Management Tool

Wondering how we get legal protection and all the needed documents and lawyers to conduct business… here is a great tool… RocketLawyer 24/7 Attourney Services

Wondering how we mange all of this and stay healthy and in great physical shape… here is a great accountability platform where we hire our friends to train with us for individual or group settings…. Play AppPersonal Training / Mentor Training Booking Platform

We present this platform that promotes VR A.I. video therapy and an ongoing opportunity to become the best version of yourself by engaging with Mental, Physical, Spiritual, & Financial tools to help you through life…Gods Economic Love Culture… Community Wealth Trust… which is something inspired by the Positive Purpose Movement (PPM) Family

Join the leaders of this group each morning 9am EDT on National Morning Wake Up Call dial in information is: 848-777-1212 access code:540974

Come when you can, and leave when you need to, it’s a phone conference line which is a open forum discussion to provide encouragement for the day and networking opportunities for the future in a loving family community space. Depends on the leaders who call in on the given day, the call could last 15 minutes or 6 hours… as long as leaders are there to discuss, the platform is available to host. Calls are recorded and shared back on the PPM Facebook page The Morning Wake Up Call

Business leaders… current and former professional athletes… highly successful mentors who can provide counseling, public speaking, coaching, and business partnerships can be found through the connections with the Watkins Alliance Network.

Has your small or large business taken a loss due to the pandemic,, or has your economic growth been slowed in any ways because of the pandemic started in 2019….we have resources here to help provide a business tax credit that works as a stipend which only 10-15% needs to be paid back… here is an Employee Retention Credit…Federal Business Funding

Looking for private capital because you have bad credit or poor banking relationships… we have access to business lines of credit, equipment funding, working capital and other forms of private funding available here with ROK Financial…Private Business Lending

Wondering how do we train these leaders to find their Purpose, and make a Plan that’s Productive; to then find the likeminded People who can keep it all Peaceful… here are some Mind Tools to help…Personal Development

We have national support and wish to build a platform that invites and welcomes all leaders looking to advance the lives of themselves and others!

We also have resources that helps our young leaders with first time home ownership programs… a national organization that’s over 30 years old that helps walk clients through the process of becoming a home Owner… With no down payment on the property …Neighborhood Assistance Corporation of America

This is an international partnering company that helps fund these types of collaboration projects along with many more!

Business operations are complete through our partners @ RINGCENTRAL Communication Platform & Regus Physical and Virtual OfficeSpace

Connect with us and follow up by sending a message direct on this page or click on this link To Connect with me directly face to face

All the best… HOPE… Having Only Positive Energy… Teamwork makes the Dream work!


-Ambassador of Peace and Love

Wayne Lyons II – Author and CEO @ Empire For The Youth & Mastermind Consulting Group LLC

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High-school valedictorian, Football All-American, Stanford University Graduate, University Of Michigan Masters Graduate, and CEO of Empire For The Youth (EFTY)

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